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Tom McConville

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Tom McConville Tom McConville

“One of the greatest violinists I've ever heard and by far the biggest influence in my music - A true master”
Seth Lakeman

Virtuoso musicianship with fantastic singing - an audience wild with joy”
Sidmouth Festival

Magnificent playing and singing. The crowd were ecstatic”
Warwick Festival

“There are many fine fiddle players but every now and then you hear a player with such humanity and finesse it shines like a beacon in the tradition.  Such a player is Tom McConville”
Geoff Hughes


“Highlight of the festival”
Orkney Festival

“I hold Tom McConville in the highest esteem and he is, in the tradition of fine musicians to come from Newcastle - a rare talent”

Barbara Dickson

"When my schoolmates had boy bands on their Walkmans,

I was listening to Tom McConville"

Kate Rusby

“Absolutely stole the show”
Gower Festival

"Tom is a brilliant fiddler and great singer;

a wonderful ambassador of the James Hill musical tradition "  
Aly Bain

Absolutely stunning performance”
Broadstairs Festival

Tom McConville Tom McConville Tom McConville Tom McConville

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Tom McConville

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Tom McConville

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